Self A polyphony of contemporary Gestalt therapists

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Sixty-five years after the creation of gestalt therapy, it seemed useful and interesting to question gestalt therapy theorists on their understanding and use of this concept of ‘self’, and to invite them to deploy it and clarify the directions in which they may have been able to influence and enrich it.

The authors of these chapters are the major theorists of gestalt therapy today. Every one has been able to take a refreshing look at this foundational concept. The variety of gateways they chose, the sources to which they return, such as psychoanalysis or pragmatism, to open up new perspectives, the broadening of their scope by bringing in approaches from neighboring disciplines (such as phenomenology, object relations theory, neurosciences, spirituality, aesthetics...) get us closer to the spirit of our founders, who hoped that each of us would appropriate their proposals, far from any idea of orthodoxy or a single-minded approach.

No doubt that this essential book will enrich our common ground and contribute to an international common dynamics.


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